So here I am.

First post on new website – all in all, a first on all accounts. Finally a “Window to the World” without leaving my reclining sofa. A means of regular communication even if I am unable to venture further afield and participate like most ‘normal’ people. I will endeavour to post regularly, though, be not afraid if I ‘disappear’ from time to time.

This first blog coincides with another first –I have recently returned from a writing retreat.

Not the kind where several people share a house/small hotel, eat, drink and write together. I am unable to keep up with group social commitments such as established eating hours and ‘mucking in’ to prepare food, so I found a wonderful place in the sun, surrounded by gardens and with a view onto the Mediterranean.

I forgot to mention the food and drink at all hours, essential to fuelling the body in order to be creative and productive. I cracked the final chapters of my novel under the best conditions possible and perfect for my specific needs.

Of course, lying on a sunbed in my bikini, propped up with cushions whilst writing does have it’s attractions! Who needs to be disabled to want this kind of surroundings? Equally attractive was the Thalasso centre next door, where I booked a day of medically approved treatments for a pittance!

Am I rambling? Apologies, dear readers, but I have not been able to go away for over two years and despite an arduous journey, was over the moon at the possibility of combining intensive writing in optimum conditions with improving my health. Photos will be available soon, all ye envious people! I am back with a vengeance and renewed energy, not forgetting the wads of writing underarm.

Back to the essentials – website!

Thank you Arts Council for believing in me and supporting this past year’s endeavours, trials and tribulations included.

I am now ready to move into a second phase of consolidation and the website will contain pieces of work, photos and a special disability-related page called CRYPTIVITY, where I will be talking about what it’s like to be a disabled creative and hopefully showcasing some wonderful artists along with hints and links.

Short and sweet for the time being but don’t forget to click the Follow button to receive regular updates.